Friday, January 20, 2012


I ate a lot! now that's the highlight of my sinulog 2012! well, my sinulog was not that great compared to last year's but having AJ, Rj and Clark with me, it all went well!

 Clark, AJ and me at fuente circle to take some shots!
though we don't have any sinulog I.D, we managed to get pass through the "crowd control people" HAHA
thanks to the ever hustler AJ!
 Rj, Aj and me! :)


here are some random photos that I took during sinulog

she's a bit scary... >.<
making some noise with drum beats!
 Its more fun in Cebu ei? hehehe
I honestly don't know these guys but they are really having fun! I just have to have a photo of them! :)
"a photographer's point of view" - but wait, who's shooting who?
now this guy, a street dancer, truly is fun! He knew that I was taking a shot of him and while dancing, he never looked away from my cam even if he was moving forward already! ahahha we both end up smiling at each other. LOL! he looks kinda scary though.. >.<

hmmm.. celebrities! unedited photos

not much of a fan but I really got starstrucked with miss Angelica Panganiban! she's simply beautiful.

and after the very long walk, we finally sat down at bistro cecila to take a rest and wait for the fireworks at ayala.

snapping interior details hehe :3
 I love how this wall piece serves as a shelf for merchandise (was it called shelf? oops! *mustreview) and as well as an accent. I bet that is a veneer that was heated to form the wave thing.. hmm (correct me if im wrong please!!! ^_^) and lastly, the waves make a dramatic shadow/highlight effect with the incorporated lights.

and another accent piece? below the counter top. I love this detail.

then.. we headed home..