Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Night With My Baby

At last!!! I managed to rearrange my room for such a looong time already!!! Though I am still in the process of completing the entire plan! I have also arranged it in a way that I can do nice shoots too! I mean, I want every corner of it to be "shootable". Last night after everything was "quite" arranged and clean already.. I can't help myself but do some make up 101 hehe (I admit I'm kind of having fun with make ups!) and of course, the session wouldn't be complete without taking some snaps with my playmate, my baby cammie (camera)! 

Vain shots! Oh yessuuuur!!! XD

Believe it or not, these images are just my reflection from the mirror. It is much easier to take shots in front of the mirror right? 

So just like what others usually do, you point directly the camera in front of the mirror, do some vain shots and voila! you have a new profile photo! hahahaha kidding (but quite true though) 

So anyway, here's a part of what I did in my room.. I had this disco ball not that long time ago and finally have used it as a chandelier. I just need some more series lights and I'm good to go. For the series lights, I used a steady warm white light. 

Will post more after I'm finish with everything!!! :)

keep safe! from COCO and me!