Thursday, November 17, 2011

combining jpegs

I was suppose to post about other stuffs like the church we've studied and its interior and architectural details but I ended up doing something that i thought was super hard. But it still is! T_T hahaha

not perfect! ahaha it is my first time to finish a combined jpegs.
so actually, there are only 2 jpegs combined on that photo and everything else is photoshop.

I manually drew this for our furniture design class. 
Pencil + ink + colored pencils
a floral wall paper i got from the internet :)
and everything else is photoshop..

baseboard used just drawn in photoshop and the marble like flooring is a pattern that can be found in PS :)

I had fun doing this just this morning and really need to sleep already! Hope i still can, my eyes are still wide awake. :'(

well anyway, ENJOY! ^_^

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

and im calling myself a CEBUANA?

last semester we had a heritage tour with our minor subject and at first i thought it was a hassle coz we are required to join the tour for our mid term exam. But then when i have witnessed Cebu's history through these antique pieces that were preserved in our beautiful museums, I somehow come to understand more about what we tackled in our oriental arts course in interior design and.... i'd kill myself if i didn't come! HAHAHA

so here are some shots i took..

these are some of the gigantic statues in Parian
an old radio in the Zugbu Gallery
a very old sewing machine and its detail at the Zugbu Gallery
Me and Johnra Rosario (my friend) really loved this set up. With the ancient barrels and the carved head of a tamaraw (im not really sure) with a real horn inserted on it. The lighting creates drama to the whole set up too.
Still was taken at the Zugbu Gallery
This is a Filipino furniture called the Gallinera Bench which is an adaptation of the Capiya Bench (another Filipino furniture). The furniture has a chicken cage built under the seat for keeping the domestic fowls gathered by tax collectors.
intricate piece of lighting fixture at Zugbu Gallery
well women are ridiculously vain even from before! :P hahah
This is a Diban, it is built to serve as a lounging chair and at the same time, day bed. Its beautiful and graceful curves, caned seat, back and arm rests entices to an afternoon nap.
a one-seater diban
Now this is a butaca. This is where Filipinas before give birth. But this is also use for short naps and leisure with its flat and extended arm rests and reclined back.
an antique chinese plate
intricate pendant - lighting fixture with its detail

think about iPADs! T_T 
think about digital cameras and digital SLRs! these just got me mesmerized :O
we are encouraged to dress up like what traditional Filipinos wore and my classmate flaunt it, just like that! with the sun's heat, it could be hot and uncomfortable inside that gown :'( but she had fun though, it actually shows! 

i re-edited and grab some photos of shena at

i got to have a photo with her ^^
lily, sherissa, kat, christine and me
with john and sherissa :)
with johnra 
HAHA i knoooow... T_T

thanks shena for the photos :)

When it comes to design, Filipinos love to embellish their houses, furniture, vehicles (our jeepneys are very colorful), clothes, accessories and almost everything!

Horror Vacui is a term used to describe the Philippine decorative arts which exactly meant "the fear of empty spaces" that Michel Touissant characterized Mexican colonial art. If we can observe well with our ancestral houses aside from the intricate details of furniture and the architectural details, every corner of the house always has something in it, either altars, jars or rebultos of saints.

I appreciated more our class in oriental arts and our design plate of an ancestral home when i have actually have seen the real thing. Unfortunately, for years of being here in Cebu, its a shame coz i haven't really visited these places. Well maybe some but not have much appreciation by that time coz i was still a kid. :P hehe

This is actually a different blog for my blahs about beautiful things around.. especially art, interior design, travel and architecture and this is my first entry weeeeeeeee :D hihih 
and OH! this somehow helps with the "review of things" thing..