Thursday, November 17, 2011

combining jpegs

I was suppose to post about other stuffs like the church we've studied and its interior and architectural details but I ended up doing something that i thought was super hard. But it still is! T_T hahaha

not perfect! ahaha it is my first time to finish a combined jpegs.
so actually, there are only 2 jpegs combined on that photo and everything else is photoshop.

I manually drew this for our furniture design class. 
Pencil + ink + colored pencils
a floral wall paper i got from the internet :)
and everything else is photoshop..

baseboard used just drawn in photoshop and the marble like flooring is a pattern that can be found in PS :)

I had fun doing this just this morning and really need to sleep already! Hope i still can, my eyes are still wide awake. :'(

well anyway, ENJOY! ^_^

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