Sunday, June 3, 2012

Call me! maybe?

Wow! days without blogging and posting on instagram! hehe Well I have been very busy lately with some stuffs (weddings, conceptualization, research, answering inquiries, prints, videos.. plasters.. blah blah) and uhmmm.. doing really something big that I'll plan this for a year (crossing fingers)! So anyway, here's a quick edit that I did.. nothing really interesting though.. just did some of those layering stuffs that's been trending right now.

well, this is really simple.. first, choose three photos and choose the best..

make it the first layer..
top it up with the second photo and reduce it's opacity.
you'll do the same thing with the third one (reducing it's opacity too)

just make sure that the last two photos creates an overlap.. you can tinker it's placement
by using a CTRL+T command and just drag it all away!

and OH! I shot this in monochrome already! ;)

Oh gosh! I have the worst "tutorial" ever! hahaha

Anyway.. if you'll be tying the knot already with your lovies and needs someone who could do your engagement shoot and wedding cover (photo and video, we are a team by the way).. just e-mail me at: