Thursday, December 8, 2011

rasta babe

Hi! meet Anne..

Anne and I have known each other since we were in grade school, but back then we barely even talk! :P haha. went to high school and coincidentally went to the same school and became best buds! but then certain unavoidable circumstances made us apart together with Sam.

We we're the "tres marias" in our school coz we were inseparable! She has always been my savior ever since and taught me how to fight back. I learned how to fight for friends and always being there for them in good and worst times... but all I thought fighting for your self was then easy but it's not.. i thought all friends are like her but mostly, not. Oh life.. just like what aj said, there are tons of different people out there... ready to eat you alive! whew! -tough word!-

but still am very thankful for everything especially for the wonderful people around me:)

graduation day, i know right? hahaha LOL!

2011 photo :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the other me

When I want to do something, I'd always want to make it happen as soon as i can even if it means not sleeping on the right time. Maybe that explains why I am up mostly during night, up to when the sun starts to shine. 

It has been a long time since i drew a portrait. I'm aready doing this even before studying interior design since I don't get to play much outside.. but i really love doing it though ^_^ And yeah, I also got jealous with Shena's portrait too! ahahahahaha

So here it goes, it isn't perfect!!! hehehe :)

drawn, rendered with watercolor and photoshopped

the upper photo is unedited - i really don't know why the right photo looked like that! it's kinda bluish eheh

and the edited one.. OOPS! is it the same? *_* well, it's the cartoon version of me anyway!!!! haahah
(did i get away with that? lol lusot!??)

see the transformation? thanks to photoshop! HAHA!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The greatest teacher

Experience is a great teacher. That is one of the things i truly believe in - no regrets, just lessons learned. From the start, i am already blessed with the greatest mother who's always been there for me and now all these things that I am doing is for her, she's my inspiration to everything that I do. Little by little, I'll accomplish my dreams and by that, I am accomplishing hers too. I am so thankful for everything right now, I mean, i have a perfect best friend, brother, partner (aj) a very loving mother and trust worthy friends.. I am just so grateful!

Well, I am currently working on my thesis right now and still very inspired with shoots and concepts and.. another great opportunity came, to propose a design for a certain fast food chain, i have been accepting works like drawings and all, but this one, though very simple yet so special and I am just so inspired.

so these are the proposal i made, i didn't use any 3d software for these since it is just a proposal for a wall design. So to make it faster, I just sketched it,rendered with watercolor, take a photo of it and edited it in photoshop.

The first one was chosen, the one with a vertical highway.

thank you sir aries for the great opportunity, hoping to work with you soon..

visit them at HIGHWAY10 -they already have two branches and will be opening four more soon :)