Sunday, March 11, 2012

HONEY BEE part II : some sweet treats!

YES!!! They are so hard to resist yet so heartbreaking to eat - can I just preserve their cuteness? haha good thing there are DSLRs already.. we can always save the memories through images and as we grow old, we can always picture out the best things we once had... Happy memories!

HONEY BEE PART II : some sweet treats!

It was Aj's day! finally! haha.. So I thought of giving Aj a dozen of customized cupcakes from Samantha Colinares'. 12 things that we shared or I remember of him.. I really do want it to be special because he deserves every ounce of my love and effort (okay, too mushy!)   

Since Sam wasn't able to buy a box, I volunteered to just go to the shop and buy a box but I failed! ahahaha I didn't get what Sam exactly told me to buy but oh well, I still have discovered a paradise (the shop where i bought the box) shhhhh...
So the plan really was to go to Aj's place at exactly 12 mid night and surprise him, unfortunately, I got surprised first! hahaha While taking photos of the irresistible cute cupcakes, he suddenly pops out.. out of nowhere! -kidding hehe.. he wondered what I am busy off taking photos, I just smiled and he's like staring at the cupcakes and trying to sink in the idea that that was supposed to be a surprise for him haha He then smiled and gave me a huge grin! lol I still can remember his face..

Anyway, my previous post is about engagement thing.. me and Aj had this photos with a mustache, huge lip and huge heart.. I still did incorporate the idea to the cupcakes..
 at the left photo are the props I purposely made and on it's right are the cupcakes!!! cute! :)
 I also made fun on shooting it.. placing LED lights (warm white lights) so that it won't be plain white and adds some sort of like a depth of field thing hehehe
 depth of field, okay.. zzzz
Funny how my classmates reacted to the "gwapo" text on the cupcake hahaha
 I ate the heart!!! -just saying!!!
 I didn't expect that Sam would really mimic a camera's form!!! 
I didn't really expect that the cupcakes were huge and this cute!!! Thank you so much Samantha Colinares! 
Sometimes, thoughts like these are so much more special than material things.. I don't know about you but somehow this idea seems unique and special because you put your own thing to the cupcakes - and that makes this cupcakes BEST for special gifts for very special people.. because just like the people you care about, these cupcakes are no ordinary!

 I bought Aj party candles but uuuh, look how much fire it produced! LOOL!
 during the day, Aj treated me, Tiara and Shena to a lunch! Lunch date for four!!!!

 Little did we know, it is also shena's birthday the day after aj's

Tiara took these 2 food shots! :) hmmmm...

So there.. It always feels great whenever you are with your good friends and love ones :) So treasure every moment and savor every special occasions you'll have. 


So I have been thinking of doing engagement shoots. 

Aren't you tired of the same old engagement shoots?
Engagements are the best time to have a lot of fun together with your lovies before you hit your "I DO's!" And it is much better if you can reminisce the happy times and moments to a very unforgettable experience you had during your engagement! So I thought, why not do an engagement where in you two wanted to do something that you never actually did! Or something themed and unusual or something that you two love doing together - just that, we do it with a huge twist!

But first, I did a video for AJ.. (it is actually my gift for him). While I was browsing and researching about engagement shoots, I have come to stumble on a video with a very nice song in it, I got thrilled and excited because an idea just popped out of my mind! So then I purposely made a huge heart, a mustache and a huge lips for props! And without Aj knowing my plan, I encouraged him to do some random shoots with me using the props.. though he's still sleeping, he got up and heartily (hope so) took some shots with me. hahaha
So here's the video I made..

so there.. hahha and though I don't have any portfolios for unique e-shoots yet, well, I have been planning a lot about that! and as of now, here are our photos! :) 

ENJOY and let's spread the LOVE..

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