Sunday, March 11, 2012


So I have been thinking of doing engagement shoots. 

Aren't you tired of the same old engagement shoots?
Engagements are the best time to have a lot of fun together with your lovies before you hit your "I DO's!" And it is much better if you can reminisce the happy times and moments to a very unforgettable experience you had during your engagement! So I thought, why not do an engagement where in you two wanted to do something that you never actually did! Or something themed and unusual or something that you two love doing together - just that, we do it with a huge twist!

But first, I did a video for AJ.. (it is actually my gift for him). While I was browsing and researching about engagement shoots, I have come to stumble on a video with a very nice song in it, I got thrilled and excited because an idea just popped out of my mind! So then I purposely made a huge heart, a mustache and a huge lips for props! And without Aj knowing my plan, I encouraged him to do some random shoots with me using the props.. though he's still sleeping, he got up and heartily (hope so) took some shots with me. hahaha
So here's the video I made..

so there.. hahha and though I don't have any portfolios for unique e-shoots yet, well, I have been planning a lot about that! and as of now, here are our photos! :) 

ENJOY and let's spread the LOVE..

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