Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dyed my hair PINK!

Is it just me? or blogger didn't de-saturate the photos? hmmm..

OLA!!! Just this morning, I realized that it is already April 1,2012 - and yes! It's APRIL FOOL's DAY! 
So I thought of doing some shots with the cute things I bought the other day. I bought a pink wig and some accessories (flowers and a key chain). I have been obsessed with wigs lately, I thought I could use them as  props with personal shoots but never had the chance to have one yet though I already have plans.. Well, maybe this is a good start though.. A great start for this month!

I looked like a drag queen! Oh well.. hahaha
Didn't dye my hair though (April Fool!) hahaha :D

I didn't use any tripod since I lost it :((( but still have managed to do some self portraits! Vanity! :)