Friday, February 10, 2012

sweet macaroons!

I am a follower of Michelle Phan for like months already.. well, sometimes I feel like doing make ups though its far from my interests! LOL ahaha I sometimes have fun with make ups anyway especially when I feel like doing some vain/practice shots hehehe

so there! hope I somehow got it right!?! hahaha :)


So I have been crazy over my new puppy, COCO! 

Coco is a female shih tzu pup and was born on November 29,2011. Aj and I decided to get one of Jana's puppies after we read her status about selling their four cute shih tzu pups! We then picked up Coco on the 21st of January. I got super happy and excited!!! When we got home, Maggie (black jap spitz dog) got awkward with Coco's presence, it's just that she was not used to have other dogs around.. but then they went along eventually ^_^ yeay!

So anyway.. I really had fun taking shots of coco! she's just so adorable and cute! When I feel exhausted and then she looks at me.. all of the stress or whatever-negative-thing will go away! Aside from fun, they really help us in cheering us up! 

COCO's first day! 

 Maggie felt really awkward
 but COCO never hesitated to approach maggie :3
 COCO and aj 
aawee.. look how coco sleeps! :3 so cute!
COCO's morning face! good morning! :)
 COCO's doing her cutest puppy eyes for their (maggie's and coco's) piggy bank donations!
Watching Tom and Jerry 
 coco checking out her blog! follow her at :)))

 my stress reliever!

I really love giving coco things and make stories out of the photographs :)

hahaha these are just some photos! 
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