Friday, December 21, 2012


 Christmas date night with my lovies!

 Met up at Dong Juan for dinner

 ... and went to Starbucks!
 Oh yes! We're CRAZY and FUN! welcome to the gang JR!!!

LOVE + Christmas + Snapoholic = Perfection! ;)

And because the have to have an "I Love Snapoholic" photo! Oh yes! ;)


Saturday, August 4, 2012


We love our CRAFT so much that we always want to expand our knowledge, our equipment to have a better quality of photos and to give our clients the best printed memories we can produce. Photography isn't just a peso coin of investment nor just a click-of-a-button away, It needs your full passion and patience to learn and produce photos that you are satisfied with and also for the client's satisfaction. I know photography is already so mainstream nowadays but it is not a reason to make it CHEAP, we all should know better.

So just so all of you know, we don't just click that button and upload it in facebook or just send it to you, because if that will be the case you won't even bother to hire photographers, why bother hire photographers where you can just do it yourself, diba? Or why not just buy a dslr and tell one of your friends,relatives,brother,sister to take a photo for you? it can save you the money and effort to hire photographers. But the question is, are they the quality of photos you want to have during your most special day? Your  friends, relatives,brother,sister might delete all of your photos because they don't know what back up is. The certain mood  you want to have may not be achieved and that 1-second "moment" may not be captured, are just some of the risks you are taking with just merely, yknow.. wanting not to invest much with photographers.

Photoshop, it is where all the magic happens. Not talking about overdoing it with the liquify tool and such (though some clients prefer it) but uhmmm providing you the effect or certain mood you want to have to go well with the theme/concept of your special day. Photoshop is not a simple tool to learn, it requires a lot of research, experience, practice and a lot of trial and errors, if you think it's just as simple as laying it out all photos to this side and put a text on this side worse want the service for free coz "it's that easy" well, you should do it anyway! Again, why hire if you can do it by yourself?

itsy bitsy tips to make sure that you are on the right track with your photographers?

1. Always and Always look at their portfolio 
           - Some may be very good with fashion, some may be the best in wedding photography or with portraits and even in conceptual/art photography but the things is, you should be able to know what or who are the photographers that is specializing in a certain type of photography.

              Photography is a very big field, you have to know the specifics so that you'll know who's the perfect photographer/s for you..

2. Send them some sample pictures or what we call as "pegs" hehe so that we'll know what kind of mood you want to create and so that we are consistent of what we are visualizing. And also, so that the client and photographer has the same visuals in their heads :)

3. The third one is a bit tricky though, well for me, base from what I have experienced.. if you want the best service from photographers and even with all those field of services, you should pay right. You know, we are not like you who are in your offices working (believe me or not, I have experienced working in an office working in an interior design firm and a furniture company so I know exactly what's the feeling) 8-9 hours a day, we work from day til dawn - we don't even sleep because we love our work so much that we also have fun working on it. Don't get me wrong here aryt? I mean your paying for the photographers' time, their art and their CRAFT and we can deliver you all of those but we are also investing in our passion, just what I have said, we want to gain more knowledge about it and it isn't just a peso coin cost, we want to learn and be better or even best so that we can also deliver you the best quality photos you and your payment deserve to have. And lastly, we can't do a lot of effort with your photos if you also didn't give even just a little bit of effort respecting our craft by simply giving us your "peso coin" budget.

4. Respect and treat your photographers right, you'll get surprised of how we return the favor ;)
5. Let's always exchange smiles along the way. ^_^

So anyway, the bottom line is that it is a huge SLAP in our face if you just value our craft with a "peso coin" and you expect the best quality we could give. This blog post is not about the complaints and the money, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE VALUE and RESPECT we photographers want you to understand.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ssshhh.. just between you and me

Photos makes me HAPPY :)

 I don't really want to blog some negative stuffs and I am actually so sick and tired with all those negativities but there are certain instances that I.just.can'!

When I was in my teenage years, I thought, problems bout love and school are the most indescribable obstacle ever! But then now I realized that those were just pathetic cries.. Last year was a friend problem, t'was damaging since she was someone I trusted and got real closed to.. and since I always long for a sister/brother, I kind of considered her as one, well, that makes it more hurtful! So anyway, I was passed that already since great things and opportunities came and lessons realized. And as what I have said, it was damaging.. good thing I have a great mother, and a very very "supportive" bestfriend, lover, brother -AJ. haha

So I thought everything was going fine.. now, I had real fun with my summer 2012! Oh yes! been doing shoots, learning a lot, traveling to places with great company.. but everything fell almost at the end of summer.. :'(

Love problems, school problems, friend problems are BEARABLE! but when it comes to family.. it's like waking up in a shattered home.. it's like sleeping in a flowing river with a lot of thoughts flowing, strategies to think about on how to resolve these problems. I have been dealing with this months ago, but today I'm like, "I give up!" I have to be strong for my family (mother) -she's the only reason why I am trying so hard to achieve what I want to achieve! She's my only inspiration, now what am I suppose to do if my only strength is now giving up and slowly dying out of pain? 

I have been keeping myself very busy, yes! also thinking positively that this may be "somehow" a blessing in disguise.. 
As what AJ is always telling me, there is aways a rainbow after the rain.. well, I believe that! Because I have been telling this to people too that, you can't appreciate happiness if you haven't experienced the worst, you  can't appreciate so much money if you haven't experience having nothing.. and you can't appreciate LOVE if you haven't experienced HATE.

for now, I am experiencing pain but I'd be appreciating joy, SOON! 

and uhhh, please make me smile by..

(click the photo below)

Friday, June 22, 2012

If Only

If only... if only I have a "go to model" it wouldn't be that much hard for me to try something out! Some downside of being the only child.. pft! But I love doing self portraits, though sometimes I would prefer someone to pose for me. hmmm
 but anyway... HEEEY LOOK AT MY HAIR! HA! I watched this video tutorial by Daven Mayeda.. I love him so much since he gave a tutorial about doing this kind of hairstyle,which is by the way, my DREAM HAIR! oh yes!!! ;)
 So I did definitely tried doing this to my hair. It was kind of hard but whatever! ;) hehehe
I'm not into make ups but I love doing them "occasionally" especially when doing self portraits, but I just followed a tutorial (haha I know right? loser me! :p) from Promise
So yeah, here are some of my decent shots I took. Anddddd... I did some experimentation with the editing, this editing is inspired by miss Tricia Gosingtian's and a little touch of my "usual" editing..

so there.. ^_^
(click the photo below)

Goodbye SUMMER! see you soon!

Aj, Rj and I planned to go to Alcoy this summer so we did! and even though we just stayed for a night, we all enjoyed the beauty and fresh air of Alcoy... we even want to stay longer!

 Rj, wanted to do time lapse (wth the stars and the moon) but failed since it was raining! But every bad thing has it's beauty.. because it was raining, the presence of lighnting was there and they had fun capturing it. I got really scared!!!!!
 So then, RJ woke up really early to do the time lapse with Alcoy's sunrise and me, well, took some shots! I can't just not capture this beautiful sunrise!
 I live in the city since I was born. It was a very great sight for me seeing the fishermen preparing their sail to catch fishes even before the sun is up.. They have no bosses to please, no time to be conscious of, except, I dunno.. if what time they can have a good catch??? and seeing them enjoying of what they do, just gave me a huge sigh.. I mean, we sometimes make things very much complicated when life is just so simple.
 My stay wasn't really that great since when I woke up (or maybe a little later) I received a phone call from someone (family) informing me a very bad thing. haaaaay.. but anyway, there will always be a rainbow always after the rain.. all bad things will just eventually pass by..
Sands and sea waves on my feet ^_____^

Just did some cinematic effect on this photo ;)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy Bee

It has been a month? I think? or more than that, since I last posted.. things has been very hard and busy lately and as far as I remembered, this is the last set of photos I took for a self portrait.

As I was browsing photos from #instagram, I stumbled upon a photo of someone that I look up to - a designer, blogger, entrepreneur, baker, singer, stylist - she's one multi-talented woman! and she's really gorgeous! I love how strong her personality is, she's like wonder woman.. she would be a perfect role model of women today.

So anyhoo, about the photo, I was inspired of the photo of the woman I just mentioned above so I tried to mimic the headband she wore and the make up. hehe Though I have posted this in instagram already and facebook, I really want to share a blog post bout the photo above. And yes! I have been a busy bee lately because I have been conceptualizing and working on something and I really really hope this will work!!! I'll post about it SOON! :)

Good Morning!