Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy Bee

It has been a month? I think? or more than that, since I last posted.. things has been very hard and busy lately and as far as I remembered, this is the last set of photos I took for a self portrait.

As I was browsing photos from #instagram, I stumbled upon a photo of someone that I look up to - a designer, blogger, entrepreneur, baker, singer, stylist - she's one multi-talented woman! and she's really gorgeous! I love how strong her personality is, she's like wonder woman.. she would be a perfect role model of women today.

So anyhoo, about the photo, I was inspired of the photo of the woman I just mentioned above so I tried to mimic the headband she wore and the make up. hehe Though I have posted this in instagram already and facebook, I really want to share a blog post bout the photo above. And yes! I have been a busy bee lately because I have been conceptualizing and working on something and I really really hope this will work!!! I'll post about it SOON! :)

Good Morning!

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