Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye SUMMER! see you soon!

Aj, Rj and I planned to go to Alcoy this summer so we did! and even though we just stayed for a night, we all enjoyed the beauty and fresh air of Alcoy... we even want to stay longer!

 Rj, wanted to do time lapse (wth the stars and the moon) but failed since it was raining! But every bad thing has it's beauty.. because it was raining, the presence of lighnting was there and they had fun capturing it. I got really scared!!!!!
 So then, RJ woke up really early to do the time lapse with Alcoy's sunrise and me, well, took some shots! I can't just not capture this beautiful sunrise!
 I live in the city since I was born. It was a very great sight for me seeing the fishermen preparing their sail to catch fishes even before the sun is up.. They have no bosses to please, no time to be conscious of, except, I dunno.. if what time they can have a good catch??? and seeing them enjoying of what they do, just gave me a huge sigh.. I mean, we sometimes make things very much complicated when life is just so simple.
 My stay wasn't really that great since when I woke up (or maybe a little later) I received a phone call from someone (family) informing me a very bad thing. haaaaay.. but anyway, there will always be a rainbow always after the rain.. all bad things will just eventually pass by..
Sands and sea waves on my feet ^_____^

Just did some cinematic effect on this photo ;)


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