Friday, June 22, 2012

If Only

If only... if only I have a "go to model" it wouldn't be that much hard for me to try something out! Some downside of being the only child.. pft! But I love doing self portraits, though sometimes I would prefer someone to pose for me. hmmm
 but anyway... HEEEY LOOK AT MY HAIR! HA! I watched this video tutorial by Daven Mayeda.. I love him so much since he gave a tutorial about doing this kind of hairstyle,which is by the way, my DREAM HAIR! oh yes!!! ;)
 So I did definitely tried doing this to my hair. It was kind of hard but whatever! ;) hehehe
I'm not into make ups but I love doing them "occasionally" especially when doing self portraits, but I just followed a tutorial (haha I know right? loser me! :p) from Promise
So yeah, here are some of my decent shots I took. Anddddd... I did some experimentation with the editing, this editing is inspired by miss Tricia Gosingtian's and a little touch of my "usual" editing..

so there.. ^_^
(click the photo below)

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