Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ssshhh.. just between you and me

Photos makes me HAPPY :)

 I don't really want to blog some negative stuffs and I am actually so sick and tired with all those negativities but there are certain instances that I.just.can't.take.it.anymore!

When I was in my teenage years, I thought, problems bout love and school are the most indescribable obstacle ever! But then now I realized that those were just pathetic cries.. Last year was a friend problem, t'was damaging since she was someone I trusted and got real closed to.. and since I always long for a sister/brother, I kind of considered her as one, well, that makes it more hurtful! So anyway, I was passed that already since great things and opportunities came and lessons realized. And as what I have said, it was damaging.. good thing I have a great mother, and a very very "supportive" bestfriend, lover, brother -AJ. haha

So I thought everything was going fine.. now, I had real fun with my summer 2012! Oh yes! been doing shoots, learning a lot, traveling to places with great company.. but everything fell almost at the end of summer.. :'(

Love problems, school problems, friend problems are BEARABLE! but when it comes to family.. it's like waking up in a shattered home.. it's like sleeping in a flowing river with a lot of thoughts flowing, strategies to think about on how to resolve these problems. I have been dealing with this months ago, but today I'm like, "I give up!" I have to be strong for my family (mother) -she's the only reason why I am trying so hard to achieve what I want to achieve! She's my only inspiration, now what am I suppose to do if my only strength is now giving up and slowly dying out of pain? 

I have been keeping myself very busy, yes! also thinking positively that this may be "somehow" a blessing in disguise.. 
As what AJ is always telling me, there is aways a rainbow after the rain.. well, I believe that! Because I have been telling this to people too that, you can't appreciate happiness if you haven't experienced the worst, you  can't appreciate so much money if you haven't experience having nothing.. and you can't appreciate LOVE if you haven't experienced HATE.

for now, I am experiencing pain but I'd be appreciating joy, SOON! 

and uhhh, please make me smile by..

(click the photo below)

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