Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mrs. Santa

How come nobody talks about Mrs. Santa on Christmas? Santa may be very well known in this time of  year, but Mrs. Santa has always been taking care of Santa the whole year around!!! hmmm..
But of course, Christ is still the center of this world wide celebration...
I just want you all to meet my Mr. and Mrs. Santa, all in one, the giver of everything whatever she can.

Same day as Jesus was born.. my mama's birthday! ^__^

while i was doing her make up, with no bias, i told her that she's so beautiful! - It must be radiating from within. :3

It was supposed to be a surprise! a cake i bought for mama from
Samantha Colinares  of Sweetlittledreams

I must say thank you to Guada for introducing me to Sam! Now, it won't be such a hassle for me to think of a specific gift for someone! I presented a sample photo of a cake that i wanted, something that would reflect my mother's personality.. though I showed Sam a sample photo, still she gave it her own twist so everything is originally designed by her. I just adore people who has incredible talents!

  photo of me and AJ heading to e-mall 
to pick up the cake from Sam!

bought doggie biscuits for maggie too

Good thing Aj accompanied me to pick up the cake coz it was really heavy!!! I mean, seriously heavy! DEFINITELY NOT LIKE those commercialized cakes!!!!! - Funny thing was, when visitors took a bite, they were delighted and said t'was special (i know right? ;D) HAHAHA!

While we were savoring each bite of the cake, we also kept on discussing of how good it really tastes! :3
..unfortunately, I really can't describe how good it really is!! tastes like heaven! :'O..
I am just so happy and super satisfied of what I gave to mama coz i know it is no ordinary cake. You know It's special when you took a lot of effort getting it and you know it is originally designed and done for someone who is very dear to you.. Thanks to Guada for introducing me to Sam.. and Sam for the very special and wonderful cake!!! ^_^

look how cute and wonderful the cakes are!!! 
how about a birthday cake for THE BOSS? ;)
every guy will love this!
thought of giving AJ this as a gift.. hmmmm hahaha
oooh some more! XD - now this is heaven!!!!!!!!
I drooled when i saw this christmas cake huhuhu so cute!
another christmas cake for guada.. snowflakes!!!
"chui" basketball themed cake for guys! :D
birthday cakes! :D
and for lovers? this is a perfect present!

I'm just so thankful coz my mama got really happy with the cake! ^_^

so here are some of our photos.. Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

mama and me
 papa, mama, me and maggie
aunt perper and mama
 with uncle boyet

find maggieee! ^_^

Me and papa was taking shots of her. She said that she really felt super young!!! LOL 

It is time to pass on our cakes, presents and birthday parties to our parents.. :)

I love you mama and Jesus! Merry christmas and Happy Birthday! 


  1. super duper mega happy! thank u beth for featuring sweet little dreams on ur blog!!:D

  2. belated happy birthday to your mom!!:D waaaah!!

  3. you are super welcome sam! :) and thank you sa greeting!! merry christmas to you and to your family.. yummy jud kaayo ang cake! as in super! :)