Friday, December 16, 2011

The spirit of christmas

And for a very very long time, i have felt the spirit of christmas! 
It all started when i got challenged to complete starbucks' sticker in return for a 2012 starbucks planner. Well, i have received that piece of folded paper where-barristas-stick-those-stickers-on a couple of years back but never got inerested. But with AJ's support, I pursued the quest! hehehe. It got really exciting coz when i saw the planner, I'd kill myself if I won't be able to have one! >.<

Everytime we were in starbucks, i can feel the spirit of christmas.. so loving and soothing! sipping your favorite drink, hanging out with your best buds (oh well, except for the thesis part!), seeing the dancing christmas lights and listening to the songs of christmas that is played..

And the quest started..

shot by AJ

didn't get to have photos every time we drop by or hang out though..

while working with my thesis.. ^_^ 

AJ spends his time playing with the cam while I am working with my thesis... ^_^ aj is the bestest! hehehe

 hey.. hey.. why so serious? 
seriously, this scene is soooo scripted! i told
AJ to have our picture for my bloooog! hahaha

That day was named lucky!!! Tiara, AJ, Kid and I decided to hang out in starbucks after Tiara and I presented our update work with Archt. Mah, luckily it went well.
Starbucks is having their 14th birthday so they are giving away the planner even if you only have 14 stickers and it was their second to the last day promo! yeay! Tiara gave away a sticker for me since she left her  that piece of folded paper where-barristas-stick-those-stickers-on.

I'm so lucky right? hihihi OH JOOOOOOY! Just me and my Oak starbucks planner the whole night! kidding! hehehe

unboxing my planner. haha call me a freak or whatever but it really is fulfilling! ^_^

and now I am so ready for 2012. keeping that scheds tight!

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