Monday, May 14, 2012

pinch me, is this real?

before mama got in the picture.. I was doing some self portrait shots! I have been wanting to do those sillhouete-like photos but it didn’t turn out as planned.. instead, I came up with this!

A friend once asked me why do my face change in photos? does it? I really don't know why exactly but I came to think.. maybe because of the hair? I change them every now and then.. and I always play with my hair, you may not notice it because I do have tricks LOL kidding! or maybe it's because of the "photo concepts"... you see, I make it to a point that when I do take pictures, even self portraits, I always follow a certain theme and effect.. I always wanna achieve a certain mood to a photo set that's why organizing a shoot isn't that much easy because you have to fit all the team up! 

And maybe because I take shots.. well, not just because I need or have to have a new profile photo in FB sheeesh but to try out a concept and how I post process it in photoshop!

The photo above, I did put it first in the set because I myself can tell that I look different! haha I look like when I was in kindergarten (I looked for a photo that time wherein I look exactly like this!)
here you go! hahahaha

 Well, maybe the point is that I don't want same old photos again and again and again.. I want to present  a variety of concepts but still providing consistency in all photos, now that's the challenge!
 so here are the photos!!! been loving flower crowns lately! haahah :)

So there, I have been wanting to do pre-nups and weddings.. pre debuts too! Even want to help really with conceptualizing pre-nups and pre debuts.. Luckily I will have my first cover on a wedding at the end of the month and soon will have a pre-debut shoot! :) (been thanking God for the blessings)

Nothing in the world that I love, but to shoot.. I know it is kinda the "in thing" right now.. but if people get to fall out of love with photography, I'd still be in love with it. I even wanna marry it but just like relationships, I am still in the process of  deciding if me and photography are exclusively meant for each other! And by "exclusively", means making it as my ultimate profession... because I have been away for so long with my first love which is interior design.. Yes! I am torn between two lovers as of now..

 but oh well, that's for me to figure out!
Have a great day ahead! :*

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day part II: coz we just can't get enough!

A very very special day for mama! :) so after I surprised her with the cupcakes and flowers (mother's day part I) I also got very happy and decided to take some simple vanity shots! HA! I called mama to let her join me.. It was really fun!!! with all these flowers and stuffs! LOL haha

 keeping our eyes on our GOAL!!! :)

pretty momma!! I LOVE YOU! :*

Happy Mother's Day!

First, Happy Mother's Day to all mommas out there! We won't be who we are today if it weren't for you.. in what success or achievements we have, we owe it all to you!!! You are our bestfriends, lovers, partners, our fairy godmothers!!

So anyway, I have already ordered cupcakes for mama before hand already.. This morning I woke up at 6:00 am to pick up the cupcakes.. funny coz she wondered why I woke up so early, got up and took a bath. So she asked me if I have a call time for a shoot and I said YES! hahaha I hurriedly went to USC main to meet up Sammieee (Sam Colinares of Sweet Little Dreams) and while I was waiting I saw bouquet of flowers along the side road so I thought, How about flowers too? (my money was very much budgeted haha) So I did some math (oh yes!ha!) and decided to buy those pretty little red roses, which by the way, mama's favorite color!!! 

 and then when I arrived home..
 I knew it!!! her smiles are the most precious thing I could see on her..
 and her giggles are priceless! :)

 and OH! here are the cupcakes I gave her.. they are customized as usual! thanks to Sam Colinares! yeay! :)
Sorry for the bad quality of the photos :( I hurriedly took shots since my cam's battery is about to get empty.. tsk!