Monday, December 5, 2011

The greatest teacher

Experience is a great teacher. That is one of the things i truly believe in - no regrets, just lessons learned. From the start, i am already blessed with the greatest mother who's always been there for me and now all these things that I am doing is for her, she's my inspiration to everything that I do. Little by little, I'll accomplish my dreams and by that, I am accomplishing hers too. I am so thankful for everything right now, I mean, i have a perfect best friend, brother, partner (aj) a very loving mother and trust worthy friends.. I am just so grateful!

Well, I am currently working on my thesis right now and still very inspired with shoots and concepts and.. another great opportunity came, to propose a design for a certain fast food chain, i have been accepting works like drawings and all, but this one, though very simple yet so special and I am just so inspired.

so these are the proposal i made, i didn't use any 3d software for these since it is just a proposal for a wall design. So to make it faster, I just sketched it,rendered with watercolor, take a photo of it and edited it in photoshop.

The first one was chosen, the one with a vertical highway.

thank you sir aries for the great opportunity, hoping to work with you soon..

visit them at HIGHWAY10 -they already have two branches and will be opening four more soon :)

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