Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the other me

When I want to do something, I'd always want to make it happen as soon as i can even if it means not sleeping on the right time. Maybe that explains why I am up mostly during night, up to when the sun starts to shine. 

It has been a long time since i drew a portrait. I'm aready doing this even before studying interior design since I don't get to play much outside.. but i really love doing it though ^_^ And yeah, I also got jealous with Shena's portrait too! ahahahahaha

So here it goes, it isn't perfect!!! hehehe :)

drawn, rendered with watercolor and photoshopped

the upper photo is unedited - i really don't know why the right photo looked like that! it's kinda bluish eheh

and the edited one.. OOPS! is it the same? *_* well, it's the cartoon version of me anyway!!!! haahah
(did i get away with that? lol lusot!??)

see the transformation? thanks to photoshop! HAHA!

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