Sunday, November 20, 2011


was this two years ago? I was in my second year college that we are required to enroll on a furniture design class. Luckily, we are to join the annual furniture exhibit that is held at Waterfront Lahug, Cebu. But first, we have to submit designs, for the teachers and the furniture companies to evaluate of who can do an apprenticeship to huge furniture companies here in Cebu :D The fortunate 12 was selected and im glad i was one. weeeee :D 
So I was an apprentice at Pacific Traders Manufacturing and Corp. It is a very great learning experience coz i got the chance to do hands on and witness of how a furniture is manufactured.

First, i have to submit designs to the bosses hehe, sir astek and mdm. bernice. They have taught me a lot!!!
As usual, not all designs can be accepted directly. I have a lot of sketches that were rejected! YES! ahaha then finally, a design has accepted - at last! so i have to draw it with its proper dimensions and all, but one thing i can't forget is when i was making a FULL SCALE of the design - random diameter of hoops! I got sick when i got home. :'(

so here's the studying of design. these are small coiled rattan 

cute rattan hoops :P

 crocheting a faux leather with a cotton twine in it. Well, I didn't use this material. :P

and at last! the fabrication of the furnitre :)
they call this "jig" - it is followed from the full size I made. It is actually a pattern with the use of spare blocks so that the rattan can follow its form.
Rattan is heated up so that it bends 

almost done with assembling  :D
sir astek is making some corrections :O

front view
rear view
side view

i didn't get to have photos when it was cleaned and painted... so this is the final product.
the thing i used at its back, is a crocheted twine cotton that is dyed with yellow. - i have to do it since it is customized. whew! got really really tired making that! :O The seat cushion is upholstered with a purple suede velvet. Also, this thing swivels.. just to add up FUN! :D
USC and UPcebu for the student category
lou and her design- a bookshelf
Ced and her chair ^^
Jay and his outdoor lounge 
i didn't get to have a picture of everyone. sorry :/

and finally, during the cocktail and announcing of winners! A USC student made it to the top three! she won 3rd place - congratulations JIL DAWIS! ^^

gooofing around after the party :)
sorry! - crappy photos :D hehe
 I named my furniture ASPRONA, i know it sound weird but it is a combination of my father and mother's name :) i surprised them :3 heheh

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