Sunday, November 20, 2011


Gaga over.. ntbks. YES! is it weird? >.<

this is my latest journal ♥ -my red ntbk!
 i think my close friend kleah gave the ntbk (left photo). organizer (right photo)
one of my faves coz its special - Aj bought this for me, it is a black notebook that has black pages! so cuuute!
the first photo was a recent present from Michelle and Mark! ♥ i soo love it and didn't even expect to receive one. :) THANKS! hihi
the cutest and biggest of them all so far! hahaha

Im really bored so i thought of bogging this. hehe So these are just some of my notebooks, didn't get to have a photo of everything coz it is too many already T_T since i was a kid, i got fascinated with notebooks and love those with pockets in it where i can slip in "secret stuffs" daw. 

They are too cute that most of them still has blank pages! :D

If others go gaga over clothes, shoes and bags.. me? I go gaga for notebooks! cuhraaazy! hehe..

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