Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wrap me in a ribbon and a bow

"Mistletoe and holly
Deck the halls
But you
Don't come around
And you don't call

It's just
Like the season
To be lonely
And my heart
Is beating
For you only

Take my heart
This Christmas
And wrap it
In a ribbon
And a bow
Take my heart
This Christmas
Take it
Where ever you go

Has someone to hold
Nestle by the fire
In from the cold

But I don't hear
The carols
They are singing
And I've only
Got one thing good
For giving

All my bells
Are ringing
Just for you
And I got
No desire
For someone new..." - Lenka

I woke up in a cold beautiful morning saying hello to the first of December and i can't wait to welcome year 2012! 2011 was tough.. super tough!!! >.< It has been the best and the worst, a very unimaginable road! But then i am excited to embrace the year 2012, coz it OWE ME BIIIIG TIME! yihaaaa!

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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