Friday, April 27, 2012

Instagram addict

Okay so I just posted a blog about how I am sooo addicted with instagram! Today, when I woke up.. THIS greeted me!

igerspinoy made my photo their first favorite photo of the day and I never thought that they have this kind of thing! I just got shocked when I already saw this and it definitely made my day! ^_^

I really want the world to see my photos because like me, I got inspired by a lot of wonderful artists and photographers all around the world and by that, I also want to share that inspiration to others.. I mean, doing some DIY crafts, photography, editing and other stuffs like sports.. we can be productive, teens can be more productive rather than taking drugs (or whatever BAD FUN) because they just want to have fun.

So anyway, forgive the rants! haha let's have fun in instagram


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