Wednesday, May 2, 2012

just like the old times.. BUT WAY BETTER!

I can't explain of how happy I am that I did this shoot with some new and old friends.. just like the old times when my other group of  friends and I decided to create a group called BLACKLIST, as what AJ always tells me before... it was my happiness, and it really was! it was such a heartbreak for me to let it go, but as what they always say and I strongly believe that if a single swing door closes a double swing door opens HA! ^_^ but don't get me wrong, I didn't easily give up. I tried to fix up things and get everything back to how it is.. it's just that I told myself, I can't do this alone...

Until, I decided to let go and trash away all the negativity around me..
and guess what? I have managed to gather people up to make this concept shoot very possible! I have teamed up with great people with such great talents and passion.

and then I looked back, and ask myself.. "did I just told myself that I can't do a concept shoot?" 
BUT I DID IT! yeay! :)))
here's one of my photo.. it is expanded and slightly manipulated..
 (might post before and after photo)

I consider myself lucky because of the great people I have teamed up with.. especially to miss Crissy Yongco who did the three models' hair and make up and most especially to Issa Laya-og (FGM) who lend me his two models and did the three models' styling.. ^__^  models were Jonna Alesna, Kia Villamor and Clarivel Bandejas.

I really love working with Issa (FGM), they are very fun to be with yet still treats everyone professionally. I love how they bond together and treat each other as family.. one thing that I admire this group the most! They have respect for each other, love for their passion and care for their FGM family. 
Yes, we all have goals.. but the most important is the great experiences we encounter on that journey and most especially the people we hold hand in hand together upon reaching that very dream we wanted.

all behind the scene photos below are from RJ Ouano of photomercs

while waiting for the others at starmart (and oh! the shoot was a Maria Luisa park)

FUN TIMES!!! :))

Miss Crissy Yongco doing Clarivel's make up! so lovely!

Issa doin Nabs make up! :)

The boys, waiting.. haha

10 BOXES OF PIZZA for all of us!!! hahaha c/o Rj Ouano

I did the hair pieces!!! will post about it too! :)

HMUA: Crissy Yongco and Issa Laya-og (nabs alesna)
STYLING: Issa Laya-og
models: Clarivel Bandejas, Jonna Alesna and Kia Villamor


Barbeth Lobitana ;)
Albert Joey Alojipan 
Rj Ouano
Jay Maico Nunez
Raymon Rebojo
Patrick Bitoy

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