Thursday, May 3, 2012

Floral Crowns

You might have been seeing a lot of photographs with floral crowns with them! That's why I organized a shoot (ATHENA) with the floral crowns highlighted. :)

 So I took shots of the floral crowns I made.. 
(silly coco, she wanted to chew them so I put it on her head and then he suddenly behaved) cute!!!
 I chose to white and yellow flowers to give it a dainty, flowery and fresh ambiance for the shoot.
 I used faux flowers so that I can still use it in other shoots! Real flowers are expensive too and eventually dies.. so it is greatly recommended if you use faux flowers. ;)
 I made three floral crowns and spent less than 500 php!!! :)

What I used were:

1. Faux flowers
2. wire (make sure it is soft enough so that you can bend it 
and hard enough to make the ring hold the flowers)
3. Pliers (for cutting wires)
4. thinnest wires for arranging the flowers.. It is colored green too so it will just go with the colors
5. lace
6. scissors

What I did is first I measured the ring (before I cut it) to the circumference of my head and make sure you give a little bit allowance so that the leaves and flowers still has room to fit in. You don't want to make your models uneasy :p

Then I cut the flowers (faux) their stems were also wires inside, so you can easily twist them around your ring wire. Use the thinnest wire to make sure they won't fall and to make sure that your flowers are placed well.

After I put them all together, I covered the wired behind the flowers with laces to give it a girly feel hehe This is optional though.. and you can use materials other than laces for the wires. The other two I made, I used pink chains for it's wires..

so here's a photo that I shot using the floral crowns!

K, that's all! haha :) 
This BLOG should be titled "The Adventures of a PHOTOHOLIC" bow!. :D

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