Wednesday, May 9, 2012

busy streets of Manila

Took some snap shots while we were stuck in traffic going to our hotel (Makati Palace Hotel)..

 It is a gloomy afternoon when we arrived in Manila but the busy streets, the city lights and the crazy honking of the cabs made it much more alive!

So then I thought, industrialization has been fascinating us for a very long time already. Back then, there is a period where in a  major turning point of history occurred on the year 1750 to 1850 this is the time where there was a huge change in our daily lifestyle due to the use of machine based technology, and that period is basically called the industrial revolution. 

Well, it is great to have these super amazing gadgets but we don't really see it's negative effects to our lifestyle and to nature. 

well, just a thought!!! :)
good luck!

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