Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Tokyo

Now this place amazed me.. It's like going to Tokyo in an instant! When you enter the place, there are a lot of  Japanese restaurant surrounding the area wherein you can dine in.. An outdoor space.. but you can also dine inside the restaurants - your choice!!

So I thought, isn't it great if like there will be a place like this wherein it will also be called.. "Little Venice", "Little Macau", "Little NY" etc.. haha

here are the shots I took.. enjoy!

 see? it is just like in Tokyo

 did some bokeh shots with the beautiful lights :)
 They are called paper/chinese lanterns used as light source

 the usage of much wood and a little of stone reflects the ambiance of Japan

and of course, some snap shots of their food
 this one is one of my faves!!! shark's fin..

So there, I did enjoyed a lot the food and the place!!! :)

the place is called

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